Sebastian Jaross
Portland, OR. USA

Bio: I'm not a fame chaser. I'm a quality, working bass player and songwriter. I prefer to be a member not a leader. I'd rather have my career in the hands of others and focus on my craft. My favorite words are appropriate, accurate, artistic, contextual, emotional and work (in the proper context). Hey, what up brothers. Updated 8/22/13 I'm a working man. I take sessions any time I can get one. I do stand in gigs usually in Blues, and Country but I'm not afraid to comp any style. I do "Join" bands on occasion but it has to be a 'creative' endeavor or a 'reliable' source of income. BIO: I moved to Oregon to be a Bass Player. That was the plan. We founded "Morpheus" (Some regional renown, limited national exposure, a big project) when I moved to Portland OR. We played live till we bled. We recorded "God of Dreams" Morpheus, 1992 at "CastleRockenStien" in Portland, OR. It was during The "Morpheus" sessions, early 90's, that i started to record tracks as a session player. At the same time, in between runs, I spent two years training in theory and composition. I was also lucky enough to learn from, and study, Gary Fountaine from "Nu Shoozs". An excellent and versatile, funk, R&B artist. (Lost everything) In Eugene I founded "The Idiot Savants" a talented, satirically minded funkPunk Project (limited interest, mostly in Europe). At this time I was doing random bits for "Three Rivers" (small studio in Eugene). In the end we decided to record "Mel" The Idiot Savants, 2001, at "blind Pirate" studios outside of Eugene OR. (Lost everything) I moved to Klamath Falls Oregon for a good paying gig with a touring blues Band "The Craig Allen Blues Band". A good band. Regional. Good money for a working bass player. Did that for seven years. Lots of big shows. Good crowds. While with Craig I was afforded the opportunity to record some excellent live tracks. "Live @ The Iron horse" The Craig Allen Blues Band, 2010. It was recorded Live at at the Iron Horse Rodeo in Lake Selmac, OR. and formalized in "Wing and a prayer" studio in Medford, OR. (Lost everything). I'm moving back to Portland OR. I have my hands and interest invested in more than a few new projects. So that's me to date with a ton of bands, people, and memories missing. Let the tracks speak for themselves. After all, how much do you really need to know to hire a quality bass player. "Peace". Currently: Studio: I'm anticipating the release of an awesome, brand new set of recordings, by Jon Jones, featuring Sebastian "Brother Mason" Jaross (me) on the bass called "Differences". Its some of the most delicate work I've done to date. A healthy 11 track CD. I'm very proud of it and can't wait to share. Also: I've been Recording with The former members of "Morpheus" and may be releasing select singles in the next few months. Also: I've managed to call on the noteable skills of 'J.j, Hannum' for lead Guitar and co-production on the New "Adolf Keebler" project. This is a studio project with the most creative cats I know. We'll be releasing our first 3 Song Demo in the coming months. Its "Infotanica" Adult infotainment from the dark side lol ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you'll dig it. Also: I've begun production on a small collection of Tunes by "James Young" a noteable metal guitarist from "Slap" a regional favorite. Live: I'm taking occasional stand in shows currently on an as available basis. Also: I've been doing some live work with "Dee Dee & The Bandits". An eclectic Country band with some good players. It features William Creswell, lead, "The Cowboy", rhythm, Jandy Irion on drums, Sebastian "Brother Mason" Jaross (me) on the bass, and of coarse Dee Dee on Keys and lead vocal. Also: We have decided at to begin reforming "The Craig Allen Blues Band" too touring spec. I can't wait ๐Ÿ™‚ Also: I will not be reforming "YT". At least not in the near future. The best band that only happened a few times ๐Ÿ™‚ I still want J.j. Hannum on lead. Hes good. I'd love to put Kyre on the drums but I lost him. I'm going to post some lives from the "YT" experiments on another site. WritingRecordingProduction: I have two new Solo projects I'm developing: #1 "Ninja Midget" (Alternative: Pop, Rock, Singer Songwriter) #2 "Still F'in'" Crazy" (Alternative: Metal, Rock, Singer Songwriter) I'm still always up for the 'Right' band, a 'Good' jam, collaboration, a stand in gig, or studio work of 'Any' kind, 'Any' style ๐Ÿ™‚ 'Peace'

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